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Hard Time by Cara McKenna

Book Review: Hard Time by Cara McKenna
Book Rating: 4/5

Ok so this might be the first romance I have read that didn’t have paranormal plot twists, urban fantasy and some mish-mash of otherworldliness.

It was real y’all. It was fluff and poetic and all the added extras of yeah, probably not gonna happen in real life, but it was surprisingly real. From the forbidden start of their romance to what they brought to each other in terms of personality and balance in the relationship.

While it strays a little away from a typical romance, with the realness, what it does retain from romance of yore is the ALPHA. MALE.  The man who just reeks of manly maleness. Do women not want a regular nice guy? We need someone, more… MALE??

I found this book refreshing and it moved me. Lanced me through the heart at times and for me, who was once told I was an unemotional rock, that means something. There was real love, real sex and real emotions.

Onto my McKenna phase. Thank you Goodreads for setting me down this path and what I’ve decided to call “real romance”.


My Immortal


Book Review: Immortal Crown (Age of X #2) by Richelle Mead
Book Rating: 5/5

Wow! I’m loving this series and think this may be Richelle Mead’s best yet. There’s so much to discuss, to review and to mull over. I wonder if it’s because of the subject at hand. We’re dealing with gods so we’re ultimately dealing with religion. Although set in the future, there are exact parallels to our current world and events.

It’s interesting how because of current events, what happens in the book draws criticism and makes it more poignant. We travel to another land, where in Mae’s progressive mind is a backward, subjugating and disgusting place for women.  Then we have personal violation. Why is rape such a plot point?  I feel uncomfortable that it’s used as often as it is but sadly is that not our reality at times? I can’t say much without really spoiling anything but by the end of the book, I’d figured it out. And that is going to make this all that more interesting.

The story itself moves along wonderfully without lagging. We don’t veer too far from our main story and new gods come to play, but the plot of this one drives us along. We get Mae and Justin’s relationship, we get the follow up in Mae’s quest to find her niece, and we get more players now involved.

I loved the book. I love the series. I’m sure there are flaws but love is blind, is it not? It’s hard to be analytical when you’ve enjoyed the journey of the book so much. Let’s just lay it down, the flaws? The ease of which all the plans panned out. Obstacles were a little non-existent. They were present but very superficially. The good? Justin and Mae. That we’re moving toward something big and we want to be involved.



Literary classics imagined as YA books. 

See the captions in full here.

Image Credit: JASON BOOHER for EW

I don’t see how they are reimagined as YA. The updated covers are gorgeous. I especially love The Catcher in the Rye, simple but so effective.

Book Review: Only with You by Lauren Layne


Book Review: Only With You (The Best Mistake #1) by Lauren Layne
Book Rating: 4/5

I really really enjoyed this book! At times, it’s a bit cliched, a bit too that’s totally what I’d imagine if I were daydreaming, but it is what it is. And what it is, is lovely, wonderfully sparkly fluff!  Even Sophie calls it out, letting us in on that fact that yeah, it’s absurd almost but, hey, it’s a ROMANCE.

While we ignore situations that are made for romance, we boil down the book to the characters. I liked Gray. I’m so used to reading about alpha males with their macho posturing, Gray’s awkwardness was endearing. Maybe because that’s exactly how I feel, I understood the man. Social situations, ugh. I only wish we’d gotten more Gray time. To me, he seems incomplete compared to Sophie.  We understand her more. We get a glimpse into his family life but not enough. How did he become CEO? How did he get to where he is and why does he have such a strained relationship with his siblings? Did he have parents? I can’t even remember. Then we have his past, which was just a blip of a conversation with Sophie. I want more Gray! (I see Will is next, so that’s good, I’ll settle for more Will. Which by the way, everyone could see that pairing coming from a mile away right?)

Then we have Sophie. Now, is it me or is it with most readers? We’re not trying to fall in love with her, we’re trying to see if she’s that annoying character. She wasn’t! I liked her but she wasn’t a complicated character. She had problems on a the superficial side so there wasn’t anything to tackle other than her complacency in life.

The chemistry between the two was great. Great, but not hot. To sum it all up, there’s nothing new here: stoic guy plus the cheerful bubbly thorn in his side. The book doesn’t break any mold but it’s as it should be: a fun, flirty read that keeps you rooting for the couple to get together.

Digital ARC provided by Netgalley.

Burns Hot Fast and Bright

Book Review:  Fever (series) by Karen Marie Moning Includes Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever, and Shadowfever
Book Rating: 4/5 (overall)

How do I review a book when for me, it wasn’t just a book? It was a long week that submersed me in another world. Here’s the thing, it’s a very very different review and experience to read a book in a series over a long span of time vs a few days. There’s a break, there’s anticipation waiting for the next book. With Fever, I plowed through it, I devouredit. Had I been unable to do that, I don’t think I would have been as obsessed as I have.  

Well what can I say that hasn’t been said.  It’s a great series, action packed, intriguing and with some hot sexual tension between Mac and Barrons. Initially Mac was the pink powerpuff, annoying and you’d think wtf - why, WHY are you doing this?! Luckily she has since redeemed herself.  

Along the way, she loses what she initially set off on, tracking her sister’s killer, side-tracked by the Fae and the Sinsar Dubh. We follow her on a journey of self discovery, of vengeance, and loss. It’s great. Mac turned out to be a great heroine, very self aware. What was extremely strange was that I was waiting for her to be saved, yet she saved herself countless times. She didn’t always, but she recovered in her own resilient way.  It’s refreshing and says a lot about what I’m used to reading that I’m expecting Barrons or V’lane to come in on their horses to save the day…

Then as we wrap up this portion of the series, we face existential crises, mistaken identities, cover-ups and more! It’s not too hard to follow but it does like it usually does, go down the road of well, philosophical thinking.

This is such a short review for an amazing series. I mean it’s not ground-breaking, it’s not very nuanced and the characters… sometimes they lack depth, but it’s a wild and amazing ride with Fever. And by the way, don’t even bother trying to figure out what’s going on. You might think you know but, all clues don’t point you in the right direction. At all.


Why do movies show “nerdy girls” as carrying a billion books, and then portray them as physically weak? If a girl can carry the harry potter series, the lotr trilogy, and all of her textbooks then she can probably lift the protagonist football star and throw him across the football field

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Book Review: Antigoddess by Kendare Blake|
Rating: 4/5

Started off slow
Really like Athena. Seems authentic. Her and Ody’s relationship is raw, real. Interesting.

For the most part, the Gods here don’t seem real. A lot of them DO seem like they’re teenagers. I had a problem with reading characters who relate to teenagers when in reality they’re supposed to be ageless, immortal. Athena reads true to that. Aiden… he doesn’t. But I suppose it fulfills it’s purpose - how he is. 

I had stashed this review in my tumblr drafts and forgotten it for over half a year!  So, I tried to continue writing the review but too many newer, better series have infiltrated my memory at the moment. I remember enjoying it and I remember I liked Athena. Cassandra…. not so much.

Forever, Kanin, Forever

Book Review: The Forever Song (Blood of Eden #3) by Julie Kagawa
Book Rating: 3.5/5
Series Rating: 4/5

We have reached the end. Oh Kanin…it makes sense but it doesn’t. No? That’s what I got from this book. The one thing that I remember most, but he’s a bit of a soft spot for me. 

With this final installment we wrap up the Blood of Eden series.  We follow our dysfunctional vampire family as they track down a deranged killer bent on wiping off everyone in world with a deadly virus. Ambitious, isn’t he? The two books setting this up were wonderful, adventurous and enlightening, allowing us to discover this new world Kagawa has crafted.  This third book… isn’t. What it does do is go back to the always ever-present theme of the demon, though maybe with a more literal presence this time around. It is a straight forward book that wraps the story up and gives us an ending.
Of the three, this is my least favorite book. The first was exceptional, the second was good, but then neither had the heavy burden of tying up loose ends such as the third. Perhaps it was the expected plot twist or the straight forward journey. Or maybe it was Sarren, the madman. By now seems like a nefarious caricature of a villain. Convenient but a little too one dimensional.  But! The relationships between characters are what make this book stand out. We have love and support through trauma. We have guilt, disappointment and family bickering.  
So where does this leave us? As a book it was good, not great. As a series, this is definitely recommendable.  It’s a clear win for dystopian post apocalyptic paranormal romance…
Side note. Seeing as Ethan Chase has his own spinoff, I vote for a prequel about James! The past is more interesting than the future at this point!